Inspector FAQ

What are my duties as an Inspector?

As a rule, we give the location of the property or item and contact information data of an owner/seller. The owner/seller will be waiting for a call from you. Within four hours you should make contact and arrange a meeting. After that, you will have to take several photos and provide answers on questions concerning the asset verification and condition. Then you will log in to your account on our site, upload the photos and make your report.

How do I take pictures for the report?

When you take digital pictures for your online report, always remember your underlying purpose. A client can make an important decision on the basis of your photos and all other information that you give. For instance, if the item contains several labels, take each of them so that the text, numbers, and pictures placed on them are clearly visible and readable. If you take photos of the item’s defects (dents, abrasions, cracks), make sure that your pictures document all of them well. For example, if you noticed that there are stains on the backseat of a car, take clear photos of them. It’s critical to take clear pictures, though we understand that colors and the quality of photos may be not good enough due to the limitations of some cameras. Nevertheless, you should do your best to provide clear photos, especially when you deal with defects of an item.

If I need to observe a mechanical or electric device, what do I do?

If the item is some electrical or mechanical device or it just performs some function, you may be asked to show how it works. You will have to show only the basic functions of the item. You don’t need to demonstrate each minor function of the item, unless your assignment indicates that you must show all functions. You are not an expert, so you don’t have to perform tests or check every single function of the item. If your task is a vehicle, you will have to ask the person who demonstrates it to show you the basic functions (how the engine starts and so on). Remember, you aren’t allowed to work as a test driver; you just need to see the basic functions.

The seller must always demonstrate how the device works.

Do I need to make sure that a seller owns the item?

Yes, if you observe the item, you do need to check the ownership of it.

How do I identify myself?

We call our representatives Inspectors. So you are an Inspector, an LLC representative. Don’t use other terms or names such as a process server.

Will my mileage and expenses be reimbursed?

Without the written approval of LLC, no expenses are reimbursed.

What are the ways to find out about new assignments?

When our clients place new orders that suit your geographical location (we take into account the address that you gave us), you will receive an email or SMS message with the information about the new assignments available for you. After that, you can log in to your account on our site and look through these assignments. The assignment is given to the first Inspector who accepts it.

How much will I get for my services?

In general, you will get at least $100 for each assignment. In case of multiple or very simple assignments, you may get less than $100. You can view a price of the assignment in the “Claim Order” in the section “Unassigned Orders.” So you can see how much you will get before you claim the order. Remember that without the prior written consent of Autoinspect, you won’t get any reimbursement for mileage or other expenses of yours. If your assignment wasn’t completed properly or in time, we may withhold your payment.

Do I have to agree to all offered assignments?

No, you don’t have to do any offered assignment. You may choose among assignments or even refuse to accept all of them.

Can someone else do this work instead of me?

No, you can’t send anyone else, unless this person is also our approved Inspector. If you accepted the assignment, you must complete it.

How much time do I have to process and complete an assignment?

If the assignment requires you to contact the seller/owner, you must contact him/her within four business hours (a workday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your time zone) after you accept the assignment.

If your assignment implies the observation, you must agree on the earliest date and time when you can meet and examine the item/property. You must do your best to make your observation within 48 hours (not business hours) of accepting the assignment.

If your assignment doesn’t include the need to contact the seller/owner, you may observe the item/property within 48 hours (not business hours) after you accepted the assignment.

To complete the assignment, you must upload your photos and make a report within eight hours of making the observation.